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Meet Trenny

Nationally known, natural-born psychic medium Trenny Simmons felt her gift at a very young age. She repeatedly saw the death of her brother in her childhood dreams as well as seeing other predictions. She credits her brother and his post-death visit to her as the reason she embraced her gift and truly began utilizing the abilities that she was often told growing up were stemming from a negative place. 

She has been featured on KBPI, KOSI, Lifetime, ABC, NBC, Fox 31, radio stations, and Katie Couric for her psychic abilities. Her work as a medium connects clients with loved ones who have crossed over which provides peace of mind and answers to many deep seeded and unresolved issues in her client’s lives.

She is currently writing a book and developing a reality show based on her abilities and experiences over the years. She offers worldwide private and group events as well as tours in Colorado’s most historically haunted areas.

Trenny travels all over the US to see clients and spends the majority of her time between Colorado and Louisiana. She is always looking for new locations to visit and venues to work at, so feel free to contact us.


The Right Reading for You

Readings are offered as private 1 on 1 sessions, small groups of 2 to 10 people, or public events. A phone or Skype/Facetime reading is an option for anyone out of the state (or country!) that cannot be in person. She also reads Tarot cards from multiple decks.  


Trenny's Perspective

Throughout Trenny's years of meeting and reading for new people, one thing that has stood out to her is that everyone, from every race, religion, origin, ethnicity, etc, is connected in the spiritual world. People ask  all the time whether on not she can speak to people who have passed on and spoke another language, or people who were of a certain religious belief, and the answer is always yes. Language and religious barriers only exist in this human body we exist in on earth. 

Readings and Different Options

Readings and Rates

Private 1 on 1 Readings

In Person- $180/Hour

Over the Phone- $180/Hour or $100/Half Hour

Skype/FaceTime- $180/Hour or $100/Half Hour 

Group Readings 

2 People Sharing a Reading- $240/hour

3 People-$300 *1 Hour 15 Minutes 

4 People- $350 *1 Hour 30 Minutes 

5 People- $400 *1 Hour 35 Minutes 

6 People- $450 *1 Hour 40 Minutes 

7 People- $500 *1 Hour 45 Minutes 

8 People- $550 *1 Hour 50 Minutes 

9 People- $600 *1 Hour 55 Minutes 

10 People- $650 *2 Hours+

*Time durations for groups are approximate.

  * $50 deposit is required and will be credited toward the price of your reading. It will be forfeited in case of no shows or cancelation within 24 hours of appointment. There will be exceptions for emergencies. 


For inquiries about public venues or hosting groups larger than 10 people, please contact us. 


*Please note that dates are subject to change due to Trenny's travel schedule and her children's schedules around sports and school. If you book a date that we have to change, the deposit will carry over. We never cancel appointments, but sometimes we have to reschedule. 




Please Read! 2020 Dates Trenny will be in LOUISIANA....

January 2020

Trenny will be in New Orleans January 1-4 and January 11-17.

February 2020

Trenny will be in New Orleans February 3-9 and February 27-29

March 2020

Trenny will be in New Orleans March 1-6 and March 17-24

April 2020

Trenny will be in New Orleans April 5-11 and April 20-27


Please note that dates are subject to change due to Trenny's travel schedule and her children's schedules around sports and school. If you book a date that we have to change, the deposit will carry over. We never cancel appointments, but sometimes we have to reschedule. 


Events with Trenny Simmons & Sid Patrick

Trenny and Sid's Event Pricing

Group Readings 

 -Minimum of 8 people. $75/per person. 2 hour event

 -10 to 12 people. $60/per person. 3 hour event

  *Contact us for groups larger than 12 people. 

  *Only the number of contracted people are read.

Gallery Style Session (Not all are guaranteed a reading)

 -15 or more people. $40/per person. 2 hour event

Private Session with Trenny and Sid

 -1 person $200

 -2 people $300

 -3 people $350

 -4 people $400 

  *In person or Skype session are 1 hour

  *Any more people are considered a group. 

Learn More Here

Please visit Trenny and Sid's event Facebook page for additional info. 

Public Events and Galleries

Events will be added and updated as they are booked. Be sure to look at locations as some events are in states other than Colorado.


Friday the 13th with Spirits- Readings with Trenny

7pm - 9pm

Full Moon Bookstore 9106 W 6th Ave Lakewood, CO

Event Details


Friday the 13th with Spirits- Readings with Trenny

Join Trenny for a Friday the 13th evening communicating with spirits. Tickets are $40/person and can be purchased via Eventbrite or you can pay at the door. Cash, check, or card are accepted at the door. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/66423816423

7pm - 9pm

Full Moon Bookstore 9106 W 6th Ave Lakewood, CO


Vision Board Class and Reading with Trenny

6:30pm - 9pm

Little Red Hen Creative Studios 7349 W Alaska Dr Lakewood, CO

Event Details


Vision Board Class and Reading with Trenny

Connect with your loved ones who have passed, and put your goals for the new year into a piece of artwork! Trenny Simmons will give you messages over this 3 hour workshop, while you give your positive intentions staying power this year by creating a vision board. As soon as you register, you will receive an email with a vision worksheet to fill out. We will then use magazines, quotes, pictures and paint to create your vision board. This is a 3+ hour workshop, so feel free to bring munchies or drinks. $75 per person All materials, supplies and instruction included.


Please RSVP thru Red Hen by following the link

6:30pm - 9pm

Little Red Hen Creative Studios 7349 W Alaska Dr Lakewood, CO


Vision Board Class and Readings with Trenny- NEW ORLEANS

6:30pm CST - 9pm

New Orleans, LA *Address will be given to people as they RSVP

Event Details


Vision Board Class and Readings with Trenny- NEW ORLEANS

Join Trenny in creating a vision board for the new year. Vision boards are meant to manifest and visualize what you want to bring into your life. While creating these boards Trenny will be doing readings and communicating with loved ones who have crossed. Please RSVP via Eventbrite or you can text 303-550-5520 to RSVP. 


Trenny will provide poster board, glue, and scissors. We ask that each person bring at least ONE magazine or new paper, etc, that everyone can share and cut from. If you want to bring more magazines please feel free to. 

6:30pm CST - 9pm

New Orleans, LA *Address will be given to people as they RSVP

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see Trenny in person!

Trenny has office hours for most private readings and small groups. For an in home visit, please ask. We will try our best. 

Client Testimonials


From Actual Clients

-I've seen Trenny a few times in the last couple years. Every time I am in complete awe of her amazing gift to communicate with loved ones who have passed on. I wasn't a skeptic at all, but the first reading I didn't really know what to expect. She connected with the people I needed to hear from and it was an incredible, one of a kind experience! When my Aunt came through, it was as if I was speaking right to her on the phone. Trenny said things that no one else would know, not generic responses at all! I left that reading feeling uplifted, enlightened and craving more. It's absolutely incredible to feel so connected with the loved ones who aren't physically here. I will forever be grateful to have been introduced to Trenny. Not only can she connect effortlessly, but her personality and delivery are gentle, kind and full of light. I'm very much looking forward to the next reading in a few months!! -Amanda Beckett

- Legit,legit, legit! 

With my career in radio at some of the biggest stations in the country, including Sirius,  I have had the opportunity to have the best and most famous psychics and mediums on my programs. When Trenny came to me as someone strongly recommended by a friend, I tried her. Trenny is not only extremely accurate in pinpointing loved ones that have crossed over, but her intuitive guidance is spot on. She is loving, compassionate, patient,  humble and very intelligent. Many are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be mediums, but Trenny Simmons is the real deal. A heartfelt 5 stars for this gifted and lovely woman.

-Laura Smith 

 Host of "Above and Beyond with Laura    Smith"

 WABC Radio, New York City

-I was introduced to Trenny by my mother, after her first reading. Needless to say, my mom could not stop talking about how incredible the experience was. I booked the next available session with Trenny, and to say that I was left speechless would be an understatement. The ultimate gift that Trenny has provided is comfort, closure, and peace of mind - knowing that our loved ones that have passed are never far from where we are. I have seen Trenny over 5 times now, and each time I walk away with a new message and appreciation for her gift. -Sydney Crowell

-I want to thank you again so much for doing what you do. I haven't felt this free and happy in a long time. You are truly amazing and im so glad that you use your gift to help people like me that have such a hard time after loosing loved ones. I'll  definitely  be  coming to you again in the future.  Thank you for giving me the peace and happiness that i so desperately needed.  ❤ you are absolutely amazing! -Amanda Pizani

-Trenny Simmons is the best ever!! Second time having her over & I'm in such peace after she leaves. I could keep her around because she just makes you feel so comfortable & welcome. Thank you for everything ❤️ thank you -Chelsie Creppel

  *Debbie Campisano Velasquez- Agree 💯

  *Anne Skowronek- Yes!! She's amazing!! I tell everyone I know!! 💝

  *Lori A Hamacher- I absolutely agree 100%! Love her....

  *Jessica King- I couldn't agree more!!!

  *Donald Moreau- My mentor :)

  *Katy Mendez- Agree. Wonderful woman

  *Karen Hammond-Gloger- I agree totally!

  *Donna Schexnayder- Totally a valued opinion.

  *Kim Marincik- I second and third that! ❤️👍🏻 She is a true angel!

  *Candace Magee- I mean she is pretty amazing!!!

  *Lisa Sing Labat- I absolutely agree, amazing energy!!!

  *Grace Mitchell- Agree 100%

  *Candace Magee- I love Trenny

  *Jackie Bilek- I agree you're Absolutely Amazing Trenny!!!

  *Marie Wharton- Gotta love that lady! Trenny Simmons is an amazing woman! Beautiful inside & out!     ❤️

  *Teryle Mentus- I agree 100 percent as well!

  *Claire Szafraniec- I shared with my family last night the angelic being Trenny is. To spend time with her     is everlasting. I always go home and journal the sharing.

  *Chika Nicole Halverson-Sunagawa- Completely agree!!!!! Amazing! Thank you for today.

-Wow...what an amazing experience today. Thanks Trenny Simmons! -Linda Prien 

-Trenny - I just wanted to thank you immensely for giving me closure last night with my family. I have never been to a psychic and had no idea what to expect.  You have such a gift that you shared with me and you absolutely blew me away.  I am a believer now of your gift and I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible, priceless gift you have given me.  I feel more at peace now knowing what happened in my brother's thoughts.  I cannot thank you enough. You are amazing! -Shawna Jewell




Q) How does a reading work? 

A) Trenny sits down with you either in your home or a public place, and will communicate with people in your life who have passed on. It is a very casual setting, and you don't need to do anything to prepare. Trenny also incorporates tarot cards into her readings. 

Q) Do phone readings work the same? Is there a difference in quality? 

A) Phone and Skype readings work exactly the same as in person, except you're not face to face. There is no difference in quality from in person to phone readings. 

Q) How do I pay for my reading? 

A) Trenny accepts cash, check, cards, or PayPal for payment. Phone/Skype and out of town readings can give Trenny a card number over the phone at the time of their reading, or Paypal anytime up until their reading. 

Q) Do I need to prepay for my reading? 

A) We do not require prepayment, unless otherwise specified. We believe there are good people out there with common courtesy to pay at the time of the appointment. If you are more comfortable prepaying, we will not tell you no. 

Q) Is there a cancellation fee?

A) We understand that life happens and sometimes you can't make appointments. We prefer to have at least 48 hour notice of cancellation, and hope that you will reschedule your appointments. 

Q) Why do I have to limit my group to 10 people? 

A) Reading is a mentally exhausting thing to do. The more people there are and the longer the reading goes on, the less quality you may receive. In order to give everyone a quality reading they deserve, Trenny prefers to keep groups to 10 people and under. 

Q) What if no one shows up to talk to me during my reading? I don't have many passed away people in my life. 

A) Everyone gets communication during their reading. Trenny has never had a reading where no one came through for someone. Even if you think you don't have many passings in your life, you do. Relatives and friends of relatives you may have never even met tend to show up during readings. And don't be surprised if a loved one of one of your friends shows up. The spirits use the reading as an opportunity to get messages to loved ones if needed.